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Hair Hustler Coffee - DTF Transfer

Hair Hustler Coffee - DTF Transfer

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This product is a full color DTF full chest Transfer!

-Can be applied to a variety of fabrics including both Cotton and Polyester

-Can be applied to both light and dark colored materials

-DTF transfers are good for MOST porous surfaces.

Fabrics to Apply on:

- 100% Polyester

-100% Cotton

- 50/50 Cotton/Poly

- Triblends

Pressing Instructions

Heat Press:

- Pre heat heat press to 305-325

- Pre Press Shirt for 5 seconds

- Place transfer to desired location on t-shirts

** Optional ** place heat resident tape on transfer

- Press transfer for 10-15 seconds

- Remove file right away ( do not wait until it is cold to touch)

** Optional ** Cover with Teflon sheet or parchment paper and press again for 5 seconds




ALL transfer sizes are estimated.

Colors of transfers my vary.

Every heat press is different. It is recommend to do a test run first!

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